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BenSino Information Technology Corporation

BenSino IT Corporation is a division of BenSino Engineering Group SASU and is federally incorporated in Canada. It represents the group's information technology activities. We develop and provide secure enterprise software (cloud and on-premise applications, APIs, web-services), web (websites, e-commerce sites, intelligent mobile apps), infrastructure (IAM, DevOps, RPA, IoT, Blockchain), and business intelligence (big data, ETL, AI, analytics) development services. The goal is to be one of the worldwide leaders in information technology by providing large scale hybrid software and digital automation to small businesses.

The corporation also provides enterprise solutions such as premium database management systems, data-warehouse, data-lake, cloud computing, and software as a service. Our primary showcase product is an e-commerce website designed for distributing and selling some of BenSino Game Studio's apps online. It also served as a basis for BenSino Engineering Consulting Firm to develop a software package for inventory-sharing and consumer-purchasing habits tracking and management (based on SuiteCRM). The target market is restricted to Canada first but will expand internationally to Africa the upcoming years - the end goal is to upgrade Africa's schools and universities infrastructure to enhance the continent’s competitiveness.

BenSino IT Corporation carries out onsite contracts and offers outsourcing and maintenance services. Most of the design documents and artifacts related to our products are available online in Case Studies section. With our friendly internet-based customer service, our clients can expect a high quality assistance whenever needed.

Whether you are experiencing some issues in IT, or simply want to improve an existing solution, or innovate and possess the latest state-of-the-art technology to increase your productivity, contact us today and go back to the most important part of your business with peace of mind.