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BenSino Information Technology Corporation is a federally incorporated and self-funded company that was initially registered in Aylmer (Ottawa). Its head office has moved to Montreal and it also has office in Toronto. It is founded on the fact that data and mobile devices are at the centre of any company daily activities, therefore business intelligence and digital automation make it easier to turn them into insights and business values.

RalphRalph D’Almeida, P.Eng.
Founder and President
Tel: + 1 613 266 2456
Graduated in microelectronics at Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg (France), he contributed to the design of a hybrid GPS/Galileo receiver in VHDL. Passionate by microelectronics and software development, he worked for major companies (IBM, Cogeco, Vidéotron etc...) in Canada developing large scale enterprise applications, APIs, and web services, servicing and administering IT infrastructure. Always embracing the latest technologies available, he has personally engineered various secure and highly scalable enterprise software in Java EE, Scala, JavaScript, and PHP; provided enterprise solutions to small businesses; deployed cloud and on-premise BI solutions to production; fully digitized companies ecosystems. For more details, please visit his personal website or simply enjoy his blog

Our mission is to enhance most of schools and universities IT infrastructure on the beautiful continent, while fuelling IT innovation around the world.